We’re Here For Our Members 

As an Association our key objective is to help promote and improve service delivery for public sector organisations throughout Scotland, by providing support to those officers involved in delivery of services.


Supporting Colleagues Across Scotland 

Our committee comprise of 16 officials from 13 Local Authorities stretching from Shetland to the Scottish Borders. We also have two Supplier Partner representatives. All our committee members give their own time to provide help and support to their colleagues across Scotland.


To continually seek to enhance business efficiency by promoting customer values.


To promote and improve service delivery to Public Sector Organisations throughout Scotland and provide support to all officers involved in any aspect of service delivery through ASSIST FM’s network.


Our Other Objectives Include: 

  • To raise the profile of ASSIST FM by strong representation nationally and internationally and provide an authoritative voice in the Facilities Management Industry.
  • To actively pursue the generation of financial support to ensure the declared aims and objectives of the Association are met.
  • To represent ASSIST FM members in debates, working groups, cross-party networking and facilitate discussion with other key stakeholders.
  • To work in partnership with other public sector organisations which support the core values of ASSIST FM. To promote FM services as a viable career opportunity, both internally and externally.
  • To build (on behalf of members) strong links with suppliers/partners and promote innovation and creative solutions to members based on this work.
  • To establish and maintain positive links with key influencers within the media, Scottish Government and other appropriate organisations.

How our Association operates 

ASSIST FM is a non-profit association. We rely on funding from our members, partner suppliers and the exhibitors at our Annual Conference to fund our activities. Our role is to promote the facilities management services of all member local authorities in Scotland.