Supporting campaigns issues across Scotland. 


Managing Campaign and Highlighting Issues 

Our 32 Local Authority members work together on national campaigns that highlight a variety of issues, important to their customers. Working together helps get the message out across the whole country.

It’s important for our members to have one voice, to support each other, and to get involved. Whether that’s in running an obesity campaign, helping local authorities recruit staff, providing recipes that all can use, or in creating one-off campaigns aimed at increasing awareness.


Inch By Inch For Scotland Campaign 

When we started the Inch by Inch For Scotland Campaign Cyrus Todiwala said;’ A Programme such as this ought to go UK Wide and I hope it does just that. I have signed up and will also post these from our channels to a wider audience.Hopefully it will be a massive success. Good luck and wish you all the very best’.


Getting Schools Involved 

2,000 pupils hula hooping. That was just one of the fun challenges we set as we made our way round Scotland from Aberdeen to Rothesay. Healthy Eating on a budget is more important than ever. We need to keep getting that message out!


National Chef Supports ASSIST FM 

Working with celebrities like Cyrus Todiwala, Phil Vickery and Gary MacLean, Scotland’s National Chef, helps ASSIST FM raise its profile and shows that the private sector appreciates what we are doing.


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