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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ASSIST Stand for?

It stands for Association of Service Solutions in Scotland.

How do I become a member of ASSIST FM?

All 32 Scottish Local Authorities are members, which means that everyone who works for these organisations are given full access to ASSIST's services. If you are interested in becoming an individual member please fill in the contact form and we will let you know if membership is available.

How do I enter for the Awards?

Our Awards are for Local Authorities only. Award entry forms are sent directly to them.

Who can attend the Annual Seminar?

The Seminar is for members and Partner Suppliers only.

Can I come to the Conference as a Supplier without taking a stand?

Unfortunately not. Our suppliers pay for taking stands and for that they gain access to meeting with ASSIST FM Members. We cannot allow suppliers to gain access without purchasing a stand space.

Can I sponsor any of the conference elements?

We have a number of opportunities for sponsorship. Please use the contact form and we'll be right back to you.

Can I choose where my stand is located at the Exhibition?

We work slightly differently than major exhibition halls in that we try to ensure that competitors are not next to each other. Because of this we wait til the exhibition is fully sold before we allocate stands. It is just not possible to give very individual company the stand they ask for. We do try to accommodate where we can, but cannot guarantee this.

Can I get access to all membership emails?

Unfortunately we cannot hand out email addresses without permission of the individuals. You can email ASSIST, or any of the committee members.

How do I find out if a product in our range is compliant?

ASSIST are happy to look at product specifications to find out if they are compliant. Use the contact form and we will get back to you.

How do I become a Partner?

We only have a number of partnerships available, and new Partnership opportunities arise when a Partner decides not to renew their Partnership. Please email us if you are interested and we will keep your details on file until the next Partnership is available.

Can suppliers access the Resource site?

The Resource site is only for Local Authority members. However, if you are looking for specific information relating to ASSIST FM we can try and source that for you.

Can a supplier come along to Hands on Hungry or Cleaning with Class Groups?

There are forums for local authority members. However, if you have a product or service you want to bring to our attention please contact us and we can pass the info onto the appropriate committee member.