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Inch by Inch for Scotland 

Inch by Inch for Scotland, is our award winning obesity campaign, which received the best Marketing Campaign award at the Cost Sector Catering Awards in London in 2018.

Inch by Inch

Making an Impact across Scotland 

We created over 75 videos, a campaign website, social media channels, and printed material for secondary schools and shops across Scotland. It led to National Press coverage and some great roadshow events in schools across the country.

  • A Programme such as this ought to go UK Wide and I hope it does just that. I have signed up and will also post these from our channels to a wider audience.Hopefully it will be a massive success. Good luck and wish you all the very best

    Cyrus Todiwala

    BBC Presenter and Restaurateur


look at the campaign 

  • People using hoola hoops
  • Inch by inch booth
  • person smiling at inch by inch
  • Inch by inch game board