fantastic repository of information. 


Membership Resource Site 

ASSIST FM members’ resource site is a fantastic repository of information from campaign downloads, to industry and product news, and from legislation documentation to promotional items. A discussion board is utilised when members want to discuss issues, or are looking for information. In all it provides each local authority with a bank of information that helps them develop their own services.

Resource Site

New resources added on regular basis 

The resource site is the place to find up to date information and updates. Every month we add more and more resources to the site, updating legislative information and key government priorities. Please keep visiting as there is always something new.


Information on all our our suppliers 

The resource site is a great way to find out information on all our supply chain, including promotional material that can be used by any local authority. We now also have supplier information on our four main website sponsors – Green Gourmet, Müller, McCain and Unilever.


discussion board for issues 

Members can start their own conversation thread, or the board can be used to highlight issues that are relevant to every one of our members. It is a safe and secure place to discuss the major topics affecting services today.

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