Hands On Hungry and and Cleaning with Class 


What is Hands on Hungry? 

Partnership working and sharing ideas through ASSIST FM is a strength of our services across Scotland. When everyone works together the end results are positive for all local authorities. Hands on Hungry are split into geographic catering working groups that meet about 4 times a year. The key areas of focus for the working groups would are early years development, new product reviews, collaborative marketing, supplier presentations and legislative changes.


What is Cleaning with Class? 

Their job is to help promote good practice across all local authorities. They support and help our council members improve their services and understand the implications of legislation. Services include janitorial, school crossing patrols, public conveniences, security, reception and concierge, to a wide variety of buildings, including schools, nurseries, council buildings, depots, libraries, leisure centres, and social work settings. They meets quarterly to discuss relevant topics, such as new innovations and technology, as well as sharing best practices and new methodologies.


ASSIST FM Sustainability Group 

The ASSIST FM Sustainability group was formed in 2021. The role of this sub group is to share best practice on sustainability, work with our supply chain to improve sustainability and provided guidance to members on changing legislation. watch out for information as the year progresses.

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