Our National Award Winning Campaigns 

We’ve run some great national campaigns including Inch by Inch for Scotland, which won two national marketing awards. ASSIST FM see campaigning as an important part of the communication to local communities and customers.


Helping Local Authorities Recruit Staff 

This ASSIST FM campaign, supported by Müller Milk Drop, was produced to help our members highlight the benefits of working for a local authority. This campaign aimed to give real reasons why individuals would want to work for an individual authority.

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Creating recognised recipes for all schools 

As a membership organisation we are there to help our members. With national guidelines changing we felt it was important to create a core bank of recipes that our local authority members could use straight away to help develop their menus.

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Tackling Scotland’s Low Income Obesity 

ASSIST FM, in conjunction with Muller Milk Ingredients, created a National (Scotland) Campaign to address issues of Obesity within lower income areas.

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Local Authority Service Promotions 

Each local authority will create its own food promotions. Many of these are cyclical in nature, and ASSIST FM help create a series of theme day events, topped off with Scottish National School Meals Week.

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