Unilever Food Solutions 

We lead the industry in providing innovative and high-quality professional food ingredients and value adding services created by 300 professional chefs. Covering 50 cuisines in 200 million dishes a day. Unilever Food Solutions is a business built by Chefs so we know what you face every day in the kitchen. Everything we do is focused on making your life a little easier. We aim to inspire you, train you and provide you with the best product solutions. 


Industry leading Quality 

We are proud to be home to iconic brands such as Knorr, Hellmann’s, Marmite, Colman’s, The Vegetarian Butcher, and Wall’s Ice Cream. We know that not all businesses are the same and so we have bespoke solutions for all including, Education chefs, Restaurant chefs, contract caterers and workplace chefs as well as other professional Chefs in the industry.


Our Consumers 

Globally, we touch on 800 million consumers every year. We aim to do this in a sustainable way and focus on four areas where we can make the difference: improving health & well-being, increasing food safety, reducing food waste and sustainable sourcing. Guests around the world want great tasting, authentic dining experiences that are fresh and exciting. But they also want food that contributes to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet. This is as much a challenge, as a host of opportunities for the foodservice industry. Through long-term partnerships with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders, Unilever Food Solutions is making a difference.


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